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Because there are so many pictures, it has come time to organize them via a time frame.  Click the below links to see the pictures.  Movies can be seen at the bottom of this page.
From 10/02/2007 to 11/15/2007
This was where Jensen was born.  He spent about six weeks here and when he left, he weighed just over 2 pounds.
From 11/15/2007 to 01/24/2008
This was Jensen's second stop and where he spent most of his hospital time.  He put on the most weight here and left the hospital at about 6.5 pounds.
From 01/24/2008 to 01/30/2008
Jensen had to have a small surgical procedure prior to coming home to Brea.  He spent a week here and was then cleared to the Brea house.
From 01/31/2008 to Present
Jensen's home away from home - the Brea house.
Jensen's most current pictures.
Updates from Jensen
Jensen's own words on how this experience has been.  Also, some letters from Jasmine and Jason.



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