The World According to Jensen


I want to thank everyone who has come and visited me.  It was weird being born a little early and all of the Doctors and Nurses tell me that I won't remember a thing about this.  Anyway, A few days ago, I was told that there was a small hole in my heart.  Not uncommon for someone who was born like me, so they gave me medication to try and close the hole.  A couple of days later, I found out that the hole was closing up and that I should have a good strong heart.  I also had headaches and I thought that was from everyone staring at me and everyone changing my diapers.  However, a test showed that I had a little blood next to my brain.  This is also not uncommon for someone born as early as me.  On a scale of 1 to 4 (with four being the worst), I was given a 1.  That was really good news.    Check out the pictures and you will see that I don't have to wear those ski goggles anymore.  Even though I can only open one of my eyes, it is nice not to have them on.

My breathing is getting better every day and I do not require that machine to help me as much.   I heard the nurses talking about actual food.  That is right!  Some of my mom's good old fashion milk.  That should help me get strong and grow faster then all of these tubes.  I am also starting to move around more then ever.  Although most will call it "thrashing around" I am getting used to this freedom.

I know that everyone is worried about me and even though I cannot tell anyone anything, I know that you are all thinking about me.  I promise I will get better and cause all sorts of mischief when I get a little bigger.  I will keep you updated on my progress.  I love you, Jensen. 

PS.  I know that I look kind of small in the pictures, don't let them fool you... I heard the nurses talking when they were changing my diaper.


Today was a pretty mellow day.  I found out that I will have a long term IV inserted into me which is called a "pic".   This means that I won't have to be pricked ever time my blood is drawn of food/medication is issued.  This pic will allow the IV in my belly button to be removed.  The only scary thing is that it is inserted into a major vein and goes close to my heart.

My jaundice levels are back down to a 3 and I don't need to be under that light, for now.  If it goes back to an 8, I will have to go back under the light and probably have to put on those ugly goggles.  However, this is minor compared to some of my other issues. 


Kind of a tough weekend.  The last four days were really rough.  My numbers were up and down, my lungs we almost completely filled with fluid and worst of all, my mom and dad could not touch me.  Heck they could not even talk to me because every little thing irritated me and scent made my numbers take a nose dive (by numbers I mean oxygen and heart rate).

Today I am doing a lot better. My numbers were right where they need to be and mom and dad were finally able to touch me!  I had another blood transfusion today (I know it seems like I get a lot, but it's only because with all of the blood tests I have done daily, I can't produce my blood cells as fast as they are taking them out).  They did another ultrasound of my head and found that the blood hasn't spread and that there is less of that means it's resolving on its own!  Let's keep our fingers crossed that this continues because I want to get out of here!  I still have a ton of fluid in my lungs so they are going to give me a shot of steroids.  This will help drain my lungs and boost their development.  Once I can successfully breathe more, on my own, they will be able to take me off the oscillator and put me on a normal ventilator.  My latest weigh in was 2lb 2 oz, but we don't know if it's good weight gain or all water weight.  By for now.


Today was a good day!!  All of my numbers were good and I was given my mom's milk again and tolerated it very well!!  So far the steroids seem to be working and an x-ray tomorrow will tell us more.  Also, they said they are going to take me off the humidifier tomorrow.


The last couple of days have been pretty busy.   Not much has changed for me but here are some daily highlights.


I have been doing good the past few days. For those of you who don't know or haven't heard yet, they took me off of the oscillator and put me on a ventilator with a jet; which is just like an oscillator but just not as powerful.  This lets me breath a little more on my own without fighting the machine.  Hopefully, sometime soon, I will be able to just be on a regular ventilator.  They started feeding me again today - 1 cc every six hours.  One "cc" is like 1/4 tablespoon and by tomorrow they might have me back to 1 cc every 3 hours, like I was last week.  Other than that, I am fine. They did another test before mom and dad left the hospital tonight and my blood/gas was much better than this afternoon. Everyday is a new day and so far, I am doing better this week.  Here are some pictures of me.  I am starting to look pretty good.


As you all know Wednesday was a very scary day for me because I got an infection.  The good news is that I am doing MUCH better now.  They found that the infection was in my "Pic" line and and that the line might need to be removed.  We are waiting for the results from the second culture and should know by today.  In an x-ray yesterday, they found that I have what is called, "NEC."  This means that my intestines are stacked on top of each other and to one side, instead of being, you know...squiggly.  They also found that they are also a little bigger than they should be.  They are going to give me medicine and watch closely over me the next 7-10 days.  If there is no improvement, I will need to have surgery...Yikes!  I heard my mom talking to two of the other moms that she has made friends with and they are here for the same reason.  The good news is that their kids are recovering just fine from the surgery.  This helped put everyone at ease but it is still scary.  As of yesterday, I weighted in at a whopping 2 lbs, 5 oz, and I am doing well.  Here are some new pics and a video of one of many temper tantrums yesterday.


At 10:30am I was put on the conventional ventilator.   The oxygen settings are low and I am breathing a lot on my own YEAH!!! :)    The x-rays of my stomach (I'm getting one every morning) haven't gotten worse or better, they're just staying the same.  I am alert when mom and dad were here looking at me.  My dad looks kind of weird.  I am moving my arms and legs.  Today, I tipped the scales at 2 lbs 6 oz!  Yesterday was a good day and I did very well.


Well I'm still on the ventilator yeah!!   My mom called at 9am for an update and was told that my blood gases hadn't been good.  If the next reading is also bad, they will have to put me back on the oscillator.  My mom asked the nurses to put me on my side before they did the next gas.  Mom knows me best and I am more comfortable on my side than on my back - Mommy Knows Best!!!   Let me tell you, turning me on my side made everything better and I am still on the ventilator!!  After seeing my x-ray, the surgeon decided that he doesn't need to follow/monitor me any more because my stomach problems seem to be clearing up with the medication.  Other than that, it was an uneventful day and we want many many more of them.  Thanks for visiting me and letting me know how special I am.  Love Jensen.


I am still on the ventilator and weigh 2 lbs, 8oz.  They are continuing to wean me on the sedations but I am starting to show some signs of withdrawal (temperature, the shakes, and faster breathing-not fun).  If I were getting mommy's milk, they could give me methadone to help with the withdrawal.  However, since I am not, all they can do is wean me off the sedation, very slowly.  I smiled for the first time today!  Both mommy and daddy were so happy and proud!!  


Same as before...still on the ventilator, weighing 2 lbs, 8oz...continuing to wean me off the sedation and also starting to wean me off the ventilator settings.  They want to me to start breathing on my own - since the machines have been doing it me since day 1.  Once off the ventilator, I will be able to breathe completely on my own or have to have the little oxygen lines into stuck in my nose.   The antibiotics for my NEC will be done by Friday.  They will do an x-ray of my tummy and if all looks well, they will start giving me mom's milk again.  I think mom and dad are starting to figure out that I like to run the show.  They keep talking to me and tell me to "stick to the plan."  I heard them say, "We'll see how well he listens.  I  will have an x-ray of my lungs tomorrow morning ( Nov. 8th) to make sure they are still clearing up and I will then have an ultrasound of my head in a week.  I have pretty much gained a pound and going strong.  Sorry for some of the scares earlier. 


No NEC!!! YEA!! I still have a little fluid my lungs.  The doctor wanted to start feeding me 2 cc's every 3 hours but Jami (my nurse) fought and won because I've never done well with 1cc every 3 hours. Since Jami knows me really well, the doctor listened to her and started me at 1cc every 3 hours. Thank you grandpa Pat for coming to see me every morning on your way to work, even though you can't come in and talk to me, I can see you standing at the window.


I'm still doing good...just hanging out. We had my first baby shower (bath). Mommy and daddy said I got nice gifts and a comfy bassinet for when I go home!!


I'm getting 2 cc's every 3 hours and weigh 2 lbs, 13 oz.


I started off the morning getting 3 cc's every 3 hours and ended at night with 4cc every 3 hours.  Mommy says I'm a little chunky now so I laughed...she thought I was laughing with her, but I was laughing at her because I think she's a little chunky now too!! haha.  After mom left, St. Jude called and told her that I would be going to their hospital on Thursday...Mom wasn't happy at all.


Mom, Dad, and Auntie Jami (nurse), tried to talk some sense into the doctor, but it was too late. Since he had already told the insurance lady that I was "stable" I had to be moved ASAP or else Mommy and Daddy would have to pay around $7,000 a day to keep me at Miller Children's Hospital. I now weigh 2lbs 14oz...I'm almost 3 pounds!!! It's because I'm now getting 6cc's every 3 hours...It's a good thing dad bought mom a deep freezer for all my milk because I really like it!! :) I heard they are having milkshake parties with it but I think that was just a rumor.  Daddy got to hold me for the first time today!! It was so comfy being in his arms that I fell right to sleep.   Mommy, Daddy, and I were filmed to be on Fox TV for a special on "Premies" in the NICU, it was really fun! We don't know when it will be on TV but the lady told mom that she'll call and tell her ahead of time and also mail us a copy of the tape!


I'm now getting 7 cc's every 3 hours. Mom and Jami cried when it was time to say good bye.  I'm really going to miss Auntie Jami, I really like her and how she cares for me. I heard her and mom exchanging phone numbers so I'm sure I'll get to see Auntie Jami again soon!  I'm all settled in here at St. Jude. All of the nurses here are really nice. I got swaddled (wrapped up so tight I can't move my arms) for the first time today and it's soo comfy that I fell right to sleep! They started giving me 8cc's every 3 hours and I heard them talking about trying to take me off the ventilator soon. I'm just shy of 3 lbs now. Oh! and they said that I can wear clothes, but they have to be able to get to my pic line and the probes on my chest. So I'm limited to vests, sweaters and shorts, but it's better than being in my underwear all the time. Happy Birthday Daddy - I will be there next year for sure.


I pulled my oxygen tube out today - you know, the one that helps me breathe! ...They say I am so stubborn...just like my mommy!  They had to put in a new tube and then keep me swaddled to keep my arms away from my face.  They say that if I pull it out again they will try to see how I do with nasal oxygenation (which would mean that I can breathe more on my own).  I am now eating up to 11 cc of milk every 3 hours.


I am getting really hungry and I am up to 19cc every 3 hours.  They took out the "pic" line today!  So now all of my medicine can be mixed with mom's milk and given orally.   NO MORE IV's! (unless I needs a blood transfusion - which he had today, or some kind of medication that can't be mixed with food.   I now weight a whopping 3lbs 2oz!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Just want to give you a heads up that my page won't be updated for a week while my family is out of town celebrating the holidays, so don't get worried when you don't see anything new. My parents and I are extremely thankful for everyone who has been keeping me in their prayers and we wish you and your families and safe and happy holiday season. Jensen


Off ventilator and on c-pap (a heavy flow of constant oxygen in my nose)!  When mommy and daddy came back after shift change, I was off c-pap and on nasal canula (a smaller flow of oxygen)!  For about the first 15 minutes when, the air was coming out the middle of the tube and nobody noticed.  When my mom asked the nurse if that was supposed to be happening, the nurse, without looking said, "Yes."  A little while later, the doctor came by and my mom asked him and he looked at it and said the same thing.  Finally, the nurse noticed that the water hooked up to the machine wasn't bubbling and said, "Oh no! Air shouldn't be coming out of the tube!"  - the pressure valve had come off... the thing mom had asked about. Needless to say, my mom wasn't too thrilled about that scenario.  However, the good news is that for 15 minutes or so, I was breathing entirely on my own!


I am eating 23 cc every three hours and no more sedation medications are being given to me.  They upped my dosage of methadone to help with the withdrawals from sedation medications.  I weight  2 lbs, 15 oz.  I lost a little weight from having to breathe more on my own since I am off the ventilator now.


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!  I got my first bath in a tub today and liked it!  Mom and dad didn't get to see but they'll have plenty of time to watch and participate later.  I was moved to the window so now family and friends can come and say hello!  Feel free to stop by.


I am still at 23 cc's of milk every three hours.  They say that I maxed out the amount of milk to my weight.   Hopefully, they will be able to increase my milk within a few days.   I now weigh 3 lbs, 1 oz. My methadone medication was to be given an hour after my feeding so as I was sucking on my pacifier, the nurse slowly squirted it into my mouth.  I really appreciated this move by the nurse because this meant that I did not have to have a feeding tube stuck down my throat again.  Like a true champ, I swallowed the medication and was breathing on my own! This may seem like no big deal but for someone as small and premature as me, it was HUGE!


I am weighing 3 lbs, 2 oz, and I took my first bottle yesterday (26 cc).  They say I did really well with bottle feeding and I could hear mom and dad say that they were so proud of me.   This means that I will be bottle feed once a day and as I get better at it,  I will be bottle fed once a shift.  When I start to be bottle-fed for every feeding, mom and dad will be able to feed me themselves.  So far, the word is that I may be able to come home for Christmas!  Again, thank you, thank you, and thank you, to everyone who has kept me in their prayers.  I know I am special and can't wait to thank you all in person. 

By the way, if you have not heard, I am a TV Star!  See the Fox News Video Here.


On Tuesday, my great-Grandpa Jose passed away.  Unfortunately I never got the chance to meet him.  However, I know that he will be watching over me. My uncles, Riley and Carter, were able to come and see me tonight.  I heard them tell me that I needed to hurry up and get better so that I could come home. They canít wait to be able to hold me and I know they love me very much.


Today I found out that I had to have eye surgery and was not happy about that.  I had an eye exam first thing in the morning. The optometrist said that this is a very common procedure among "preemies" since your eyes donít fully develop until the last month of pregnancy.  Mom and Dad are worried about the surgery, but know that itís necessary to keep me from having vision problems down the road.  After the initial eye exam, I was so stressed out that I wasnít able to take a bottle today.


Today was the say of the eye surgery and it went really well.  Within 20 minutes of waking up from being sedated, I was pulling out my canula, opening my eyes, and pushing the nurses away (like always).  Mom and Dad were so worried about the surgery that my original nurse from Long Beach (Aunt Jami) came to keep them company while they waited.  I still have not been able to take a bottle yet...probably since I had such a stressful day.  They actually stopped giving me milk and had to give me an IV drip. Today was also my Uncle Riley's 9th Birthday! Happy Birthday Uncle Riley! I'll be there next year.


I was told that I had my second baby shower today and got a lot of cute clothes and toys! Thank you everyone!


Since my ďcritsĒ (red blood cells) were low, I was given a blood transfusion. This should give me a little extra boost to keep weaning my oxygen levels!


I got a little of my appetite back and hit the bottle again.  It went pretty well, considering that I was pooping while eating (I guess I am acclimating to the real word.  I am my mother's son!) I currently weigh 3 lbs, 6 oz. Once I get to 4 lbs, I will be able to go into an open crib.  My hair is starting to fall of my forehead and it is still dark brown, with my eyes being a really nice royal blue.  Hopefully they will stay that color but don't tell Great Grandma that.


Mommy gave me a bath tonight for the first time! I was so comfortable with my bath that I feel asleep as soon as I was sitting in the water!  I currently weighs 3 lbs, 9 oz.  Today is also my Grandpa Joey "G-dog" Birthday!!  Happy Birthday G-dog!!  


I now weigh 3 lbs, 10 oz, am 15 3/4" long and have cute little chubby cheeks.  My oxygen flow is at 0.1L with 40% oxygen (I am practically getting "0" oxygen from the machine).  I am regulating my own body temperature and once I hit 4 lbs, I will be moved to an open crib!  I am now being bottle fed every third feeding.  Daddy bottle fed him for the first time yesterday.   Dad hadn't been in for a week because he had the flu and he was surprised at how much I had had grown in that time.  I will be taking a picture with Santa this coming Thursday!


I weigh 3 lbs, 11.8oz and am now being bottle fed every other feeding.  Once I am completely being bottle-fed for every feeding, I get the get mom's milk tap!  I'm excited and scared all at the same time!  If I continue down my current path, I should be in a crib by the end of next week and breastfeeding in two weeks.  Mom and dad are so proud of me.


I now weigh 3 lbs, 12.8oz.  Last night, I peed on my night nurse while being weighed.  Sorry.  They say I broke her record for not ever being peed on.  She has worked NICU for 21 years and he is the first one to pee on her!  Mom and Dad were so proud.

12-17-2007 (From Jasmine and Jason):

Jensen now weighs 3lb 15.1oz and is 16 1/4in long!  At 12:30pm he was moved out of his isolet and put into a crib!  The nurses kept it a secret and when I got there and saw him sleeping peacefully in his crib I started crying...this is a GIANT step closer to coming home!!  I called Jason and told him that he had to come to the hospital after school (he's normally too tired after a day of work & school to go to the hospital), because the doctor needed to speak with both us and the nurses wouldn't say why.  When Jason walked into the room I yelled "surprise" and it took him a while to figure it out then he smiled as big as he did when we Jensen's heart beat for the very first time!  Jensen has been taken off the methadone and is given spot doses instead of a dose every few hours! He has also, been given an order to bottle feed every other feeding but since the nurses noticed that he really likes to bottle feed, they've been letting him do it every feeding and he has been doing wonderful!  The doctor's just gave an order for him to be taken off his set amount of 33cc a feeding and let him eat as much as his little heart desires!!  The most he has eaten at one time is 43cc!!  A few days ago we were told to start preparing to bring him home!!  Jensen, if he continues to improve at his current rate, should be home for New Years!!!!  Jason and I are so very excited and can't wait until we can bring him home.  Again, many thanks to everyone who has continually prayed for Jensen and his health.  Every little bit helps and it sure is paying off!  

Thank you, Jasmine & Jason


Mom woke up this morning with a runny nose and started to cry because she thought she wouldn't be able to see me today. She called the hospital and asked what medicines she could take.  They told her what to take and that if she felt better later and all she had was a runny nose, she would be able to see me if she wore a mask.   Needless to say, I am doing very well, weighing in at 3 lbs, 15.7oz.  I am eating 40 cc's a feeding (the head doctor changed the order from as much as I want to 40 cc's because they are adding 6 calories to mom's milk and they don't want me getting too fat all at once).  Today, the doctor told mom that if she is feeling better tomorrow, she will be able to start breast feeding.  Depending on how I do, I will be able to breast feed twice a day.  Breast milk only has 20 calories, so breastfeeding all the time isn't an option until they reduce my calorie intake.

12-20-2007:  I cleared the 4 lb mark today and my feedings have increased to 45 cc's per meal.  Mom was able to breast feed for the very first time today and of course, I loved it!  I didn't need any help figuring out what to do.  The nurses were thrilled at how well I did for the first time and mom was ecstatic about it not hurting!  I only got to do it for 10 minutes and then they gave me the bottle (to make sure I get my calories).  I wanted nothing to do with the bottle and all I wanted was the you know what... Mom and dad are so proud of me.  I have an eye exam scheduled for 1 PM tomorrow and around 1:30 PM the news crew from FOX 11 is coming to film a follow up of how I am doing.  Not sure yet when it will air, but we will give you all a heads up.

01-08-2008 (From Jasmine and Jason):

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! A lot has happened since our last update. Jensen currently weighs 5lbs 1oz. On 12/31/07 at 3am Jensen was taken off his oxygen supply and has remained off ever since! He is allowed to eat as much as he wants (he takes about 2oz a feeding). The head doctor, Dr. Kamran, has told me that, should he continue to progress as he has been, he will be home in 2-3 weeks!

He has been taken off all medications except Methadone; they are gradually decreasing this. Jensen was taken off Methadone for a few days and had to be put back on since he showed heavy signs of withdrawal. Most preemies go on Methadone when they were on ventilators for as long as Jensen was. He cannot come home until he is completely off Methadone.

Dr. Kamran is also on board with Jason and my wish to have hernia repair surgery before Jensen comes home.  When he is ready to be discharged, Dr. Kamran will call CHOC and have a transport team take Jensen to have his surgery and he will be discharged from CHOC. He can only have the surgery if the Surgeons at CHOC feel he is big enough to handle the anesthesia. It is possible that he may go back on a ventilator for a day or two after surgery, but again, that's normal.

In order to help us with the baby and financially, my parents have offered (ok, we begged) for us to move in with them.  We will be moving in this week (since Jensen should be home soon, we need to get our move on!) So that everyone knows, we have been given strict instructions to keep Jensen away from large crowds, smokers, and children for the first few months that he is home. Jensen is at very high risk for RSV, a respiratory virus that could be fatal for a baby with his lung structure. RSV is spread very easily. If you have a sore throat, sniffles or any type of cold system we would appreciate it if you would not visit with Jensen until you have been well for several days. The only time Jensen will be taken out of the home is for doctor's appointments until RSV season is over or our doctor tells us it is safe.  Thank you for understanding and respecting our decision to keep him healthy.

Jason and Jasmine

Well, I am back!  I currently weigh 5 lbs, 8.5 oz, and am feeding well.   I am still on a little bit of methadone and weaning very slowly, but as with everything I've done so far, I'll let us know when I am ready.  Mom said through her whole pregnancy that I wouldn't run the show; boy was she wrong.  He have been moved to a less intensive room (still in the NICU though).  I have also been using a swing for the last few days and absolutely love it.  All in all, I am doing well and appreciate the visits. 

On 1/26 Jensen was transported to CHOC.

On 1/28 Jensen underwent hernia repair surgery and is recovering quite nicely. Jason and I just found out the we will FINALLY be able to bring our son home tomorrow (01-31-2008)!!! A huge Thank you to all of you who have continually prayed for our son, we can't thank you enough. We will post more pictures and videos soon.

2/19/08 (from Jasmine):

Jensen currently weighs 7lbs! He is still on methadone (we give it to him twice a day, and I'm going round and round with the doctor about weaning him off...but that's a whole other issue). He is doing very well. He can lift himself up if he's lying on his belly and roll over if he's lying on his side. He has had a check up from his surgery and they said that he is healing perfectly and swelling should be down in a few more weeks. We just got back from an eye exam, where again, everything is perfect! He will have another eye exam in 4 weeks with a pediatric eye doctor. He has one more RSV shot to get this year and that's not fun...they made me hold him while they gave him the shot, I felt awful.

As long as the weather is warm he gets to go for a walk around the block (this is good for both myself and Jensen). Jason was sick all of last week so he stayed at his parents house to keep from getting Jensen sick, which left me to take care of him all by myself. Luckily we live with my parents so they helped out as much as they could during the day, but I was on my own at night. My hat's off to single mothers, it was a very long week for me, but I did it and I really respect parents who are raising kids on their own, because it is not easy.

We would like to thank all of our friends who came together and made us meals for the week. That was a tremendous help and very delicious...I might have to have another kid just to get more free meals! Just Kidding grandparents. Another thank you to everyone who has respected our wishes to keep visiting to a minimum. It has really helped us get settled in and make sure he stays healthy. If you would like to visit please call me and we'll work out a time. Since we live with my parents please call before coming over so we can make sure the vesting time works for everyone.

Thank you very much,

03-04-2008 (From Jasmine and Jason):

I took Jensen to the doctors on 2/27 and he weighed 7lbs 4.5oz. I weighed him myself this morning (I see how much I weigh, then I step on the scale holding Jensen) and he weighed 8lbs! He has outgrown a lot of clothes and continues to get bigger and stronger with each day. He has been assigned a Home Health Nurse who will come to our home once a month for the next two years to monitor his progress. He was also eligible for services from the Regional Center that will monitor his motor skills and offer physical/speech therapy if need be (very common for preemies like Jensen).

I should be getting a call from Social Security to see if he qualified for SSI (Supplemental Security Income) for the time that he was in the hospital. Now that he's home he will not qualify because they look at family income and, although we don't make enough to survive in Orange County on our own, we make too much to qualify for help. The SSI would give us back pay for the time that Jensen was in the hospital and that will help with some of the bills we still haven't paid. I have lowered his methadone to .01cc twice a day, started tomorrow morning he'll go to once a day for two weeks and then he'll be off. Jensen has been on methadone since Nov. 13 so I'm very excited to know that he'll be off in just a few weeks. Happy Birthday Great Grandma Cano!


Started "gooing"! Mom had a bad dream that my first word was Daddy and she woke up sweating.


Had an appointment for synagis shot and found that I have Thrush (an oral yeast infection). The doctor gave me a prescription for Nystatin and one for mom too so that I don't give it to her when I breastfeed. I now weigh 7lbs 8oz and can go outside and take a picture with the Easter Bunny!


Saw the Easter Bunny today and went shopping at the mall with Auntie Jami.  She bought me a lot of clothes and another pair of vans. Thank you Auntie Jami!


Started holding own pacifier. Can't quite get it in my mouth but I'm trying


I rolled over today! From my belly to my back! There will be videos and pictures of this posted so check them out

03-14-2008 to 03-17-2008

Went to Las Vegas to meet my relatives from out of state. I had a lot of fun and mommy dressed me in St. Patrick's day clothes because we're Irish. Uncle Jacob held me for the first time and I like him alot.


Happy Birthday Uncle Jacob! I like watching mommy and daddy eat and trying to chew like them so mommy let me try some melted ice cream and I really liked it. I got to wash my milk down with water too!


Had an eye exam today and everything looks good. I'm a little far sided but the doctor said the evan a healthy full term baby my age would be far sided and not to worry. The only thing to worry about is that mom is near sighted and so is Grandpa Joey and preemies are at higher risk for being near sighted. But other than that he says everything looks great! Happy Birthday Sammy!


I stopped methadone today, got my 6 month vaccinations and had my toe pricked to check my iron levels. I'm not very happy right now. I still have Thrush pretty bad so the doctor gave me a prescription for something stronger. I now weigh 7lbs 15.5oz! Half an ounce more and I'll be 8lbs!! Since I like ice cream the doctor said that I could try some cereal now too! I just keep getting bigger and stronger!


Jensen had another nurse visit today and now weighs a whooping 11lbs 5oz and is 24" long. He started physical therapy last week and only has problems keeping his shoulders down, again, common with preemies. His physical therapist comes to our home every Thursday until he doesn't need therapy anymore. Since our last update, Jensen is trying to roll all the way over, is teething, loves to suck his thumb, wakes up only once at night and loves to talk. As of early April, Jensen has been taking "Pulmicort", a liquid steroid, via a nebulizer in order to boost his lung development. He does this once a day and has his next pulmonary check up next month. His is doing so well, if it weren't for his size, you wouldn't know he has born premature. Thank you, for all your love and support.


I finally turned over on my own!

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