Ocotillo Wells (s22) Camping

Use "Holly Road" turnout

Coordinates:  s22 & 86:  33.279203,-115.964577

Holly Road Turnout: 33.263469,-116.006227

Camp 33.256884,-116.011033

Pretty straight forward:  South on the 86 passing through Salton Sea.  On the right, you will see a street sign for s22 and Borrego Springs.  This is where you will turn right.  Another marker is a huge white sign that says, "Travertine Grille".  See bottom picture below.  After you turn right, you will pass through some neighborhoods and be on bumpy paved road. 

The entire trip from the 86 to "Holly Rd." turnout is about 2-3 miles.  There will be a street sign on the left that is brown in color (should be) that says, "Holly Rd." - Turn Left - You will know you missed the turnout if you start go up the large hill on the s22.  Holly Rd is a hard packed road (scroll down to next picture).

Stay on it for about a 1/4 mile or so and just before you start to go down a hill towards a large wash, you will want to turn right like the map indicates below.  It is pretty wide open but you will need to watch yourself as there are some soft spots.  If you go down the hill and pass the wash, don't worry because there are plenty of places to turn around.

Below is a view of the street sign and large Travertine Grill sign.