Just like many of the house remodel upgrades and add-ons that Stella did not want to see the finished product on, the purchase of this cart was no different...

"What is wrong with our current battery cart?"
Nothing if you don't mind spending another 500.00 on new batteries, a new controller and motor for 1000.00 (I can walk faster up a hill), and a lift kit with tires for another 500.00.  Plus, you have to plug it in everywhere you go.

"We don't need another cart! - kakah, kakah (crow sounds)"
Jesus, enough is enough! - I got this for 3400.00 and it is practically brand new.  Even though it is a 1999, you would never know.  Everything is new or re-done.  This thing rocks.  Sorry team estrogen, this is a no brainer!

Now, lets fast forward to the day we brought it home and all of her friends saw it... They all fell in love with it and the husbands, who actually know about pricing of these because they all have carts, reaffirmed that we got a great deal on it.  Try to find a gas limo cart in this condition for under 5k... Good Luck!  I know, I have searched.

Fast forward several months later... You can't get her off the cart!





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