Heat for Garage Area on my wife's 2006 Raptor 3612DS

After two seasons of freezing to death in our garage area,  I finally decided to install heat in our garage area.  The easiest and most efficient way is to tie into one of the heater plates on the heater.  Luckily for the Raptor setup, the heater is about 8 inches from the garage area.

Below are the parts that you will need.  I got them from Camping World for about $20.00.  The plastic bag contains some misc. screws from home because I did not know what length I would need.  Also, I did the installation while out camping in Barstow (Slash X).

The first thing to do, after removing the front access panel below the fridge, was to pop off the cover.  Simply take a flathead screw driver and push it counter-clockwise and the cover will start to spin.  It will eventually spin out of "rails" that you can see in the picture.

When I purchased the adaptor plates, there were two to chose from:  One had the indentations or raised rails on the outside like you can see in the picture and the other was completely flat.  Get the one that has the rails that look like this one in the picture (it makes it easer to turn).

With the knockout gone, the fun begins!
I took the adaptor plate and "eye-balled" it across from the actual knockout.  I was not worried about the actual location being slightly off because the flexible ducting will allow for some play.
I then ran a pen line on the outside of the adaptor which created the outline for the cutout.

Note:  The wall is about two inches thick and I ultimately had to make the cutout a little bigger to allow for the ducting to go into the wall and connect up to the register plate.  This was because the register is only about 2.5" in length.  Because of this, it only came through this cut out about 1/2".  Thus, the only solution was to run the ducting through the hole, connect it to the register with metal wire, and then push the register back into the hole.

Next, I added the adaptor to the furnace.  It simply spins on.
With the hole already marked, I took my Dremil with a multipurpose bit and drilled through both walls.  Notice the Dremil slips inside the cutout and gives you ample working room.

Note:  A regular drill or full sized rotor-zip will not work here because of the lack of space.  The only other way to do it would be to measure the hole from the bottom and transfer that measurement into the garage area and then back drill into the furnace area.

I placed the extra coupler (remember, I bought two because I did not know which one I needed) over the hole and traced another line to follow for the cutout.  I eventually has to cut the hole a little bigger to allow for the flex ducting to come through.
With the hole already through the garage, I simply repeated the step and cut out the hole. 

Note:  Don't worry if your cut is a little off or not a perfect hole.  The register has a good one inch lip all the way around to cover any flaws.

After making some adjustment cuts, I was able to slip the ducting through both holes and connect it to the the round wall register.  Once connected, I secured it with some wiring and pushed it back into the wall were it was secured with two screws.

The final step was to connect the ducting to the furnace adaptor.  I used the metal clamp for that.  Notice the knockout plate on the ground to the left of the furnace.  Rather than lose it somewhere in my rig, I just left on the ground on the inside.

The finished product.   It will actually stay warmer in the garage (while heating) than in the coach.  The register has an open and closed center knob that I can turn which closes it off. 

Note:  I had to make some minor modifications to the guts of the register because it would not close all of the way.  Probably something out of the mold.  Nonetheless, it works perfect.

Note:  If nobody is sleeping in the garage, make sure you close it off (no need to heat the garage - it will warm up in the day time).  The direct furnace vent blows a lot of heat and it will take away from the coach heating registers if left open.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at bkirkpatrick@email.com or you can call my cell phone (562-843-4043).  I spend a lot of time with my family at Lucerne, Ocotillo Wells, Glamis, and along the coast. 

Thanks,  Brendan

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