There are some important decisions to make when considering the purchase of a kids dirt bike.  Many parents or grandparents might be skeptical about putting kids on two wheels – even though they know their youngsters will enjoy the experience.  In addition to helping provide that fun and the healthy aspects of outdoor experiences, concern for safety will indeed be right at the top of the list.


Rest assured there are several steps that can be taken to insure a very high level of safety.


The first consideration is to make sure your kids dirt bike (generally ages 3-11) fits his or her physical and maturity level. Our experienced technicians at www.familymotosportsusa.com are available to help you make that right decision. Of course, seat height, engine size and transmission choices are among the factors to consider.


Proper safety gear is critical, including an approved helmet, gloves, and goggles. Chest protection also is a wise choice.


By purchasing a new dirt bike for your child, you as a parent can personally be on top of safety issues by keeping an eye on his or her fun activities in your own backyard or open property. This can bring lots of peace of mind.


Here’s the great news — you don’t have to spend a fortune to purchase a good dirt bike for your child. The kids dirt bikes carried by www.familymotosportsusa.com come at a fraction of the cost of models sold by Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and other brands.


Our models are very similar, if not identical, in design to their expensive counterparts. Outstanding warranties and parts are available and we are noted for our emphasis on customer satisfaction.